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Students in a Counseling 12-Personal Growth and Development Course, construct a tower out of Spaghetti and marshmallows to assist in their learning.

“It was a class that really made you think about your life. It gave insight to habits that can break or build you up. The teaching style was fun and interactive" student

By taking a course that uses the On Course text you will learn the necessary strategies to be not only successful in college but in life. Through self-assessments and journaling students learn how to plan, improve self-confidence and strengthen relationships. The text helps you learn how to make wise choices to be a successful student in the areas listed below.

“I liked learning about all the different ways that can make me a better person and stay on track to achieving my goals."student

The On Course Success Principles

Choices of Successful Students
Successful Students... Strugging Students...
1. ACCEPT SELF-RESPONSIBILITY, seeing themselves as the primary cause of their outcomes and experiences. 1. ...see themselves as Victims, believing that what happens to them is determined primarily by external forces such as fate, luck, and powerful others.
2. DISCOVER SELF-MOTIVATION, finding purpose in their lives by discovering personally meaningful goals and dreams. 2. ...have difficulty sustaining motivation, often feeling depressed, frustrated, and/or resentful about a lack of direction in their lives.
3. MASTER SELF-MANAGEMENT, consistently planning and taking purposeful actions in pursuit of their goals and dreams. 3. ...seldom identify specific actions needed to accomplish a desired outcome. And when they do, they tend to procrastinate.
4. EMPLOY INTERDEPENDENCE, building mutually supportive relationships that help them achieve their goals and dreams (while helping others to do the same). 4. ...are solitary, seldom requesting, even rejecting offers of assistance from those who could help.
5. GAIN SELF-AWARENESS, consciously employing behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that keep them on course. 5. ...make important choices unconsciously, being directed by self-sabotaging habits and outdated life scripts.
6. ADOPT LIFE-LONG LEARNING, finding valuable lessons and wisdom in nearly every experience they have. 6. ...resist learning new ideas and skills, viewing learning as fearful or boring rather than as mental play.
7. DEVELOP EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, effectively managing their emotions in support of their goals and dreams. 7. ...live at the mercy of strong emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, or a need for instant gratification.
8. BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES, seeing themselves capable, lovable, and unconditionally worthy as human beings. 8. ...doubt their competence and personal value, feeling inadequate to create their desired outcomes and experiences.

"Materials from, Downing, On Course 4. Displayed with special permission of Houghton Mifflin Company. All Rights Reserved."

students working together

Picture #2-Students in Counseling 12-Personal Growth and Development, introduce themselves during the first week using a Coat of Arms they created in class.

Classes using the On Course Text: Counseling 12-Personal Growth and Development and English 110-Skills for College Success Note: Not every section of these courses use the On Course text but many do.

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