"I found this class crucial for my own personal growth as an individual, and I also observed that our guests at our Salons walked away with a better awareness of complex social issues." I learned how to listen, to really listen, to an opposing view and to consider the good points on both sides." E.A.

"Dr. Handelman is an excellent instructor. She thoroughly cared about her students. She made us think hard about the different sides of the complicated issues we were studying. The professional speakers who visited our class were very informative. I would highly recommend this class to others." Y.N.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class and the world of knowledge it had to offer. I was fascinated at the intelligence shown time and again both by Dr. Handelman and the expert speakers who came and spoke at our presentations. I hopefully and sincerely believe that The Philosopher-Citizen Institute will continue to flourish and draw many new faces for semesters to come." C.Y.

"During the class, my group focused on media issues, such as truth and fairness in reporting, the deeper psychological influences of films and advertising, and the effects of increased exposure to violence and sex via mass media. What we did not expect was that these issues would lead us to confront so many other issues - criminal justice, our rights as citizens, and our relation to the world as a whole. I feel that I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in this class. My greatest realization during the semester was that we as a society would benefit greatly from more programs like this one, and would possibly suffer without such programs." C.S.

"The course itself proved to be a challenge, especially since we had to learn how to have constructive discussions with people of many different personalities, cultures and political perspectives. Probably, the highlight of the course occurred during our public presentations, when people in the audience enthusiastically shared in the discussions about the various social issues we were studying. I am very excited about the possibility of The Philosopher-Citizen Institute. I look forward to the day when this type of course is offered throughout the country, as it will surely serve a fundamental need in our society to help citizens make better decisions about social issues." R.H.

"I am still glowing after last night"s Philosopher-Citizen Salon. Kudos to you for taking the time and energy to organize such a wonderful and worthwhile project. You gave your students an opportunity to share their ideas in front of their peers, faculty, and members of the community. I must tell you that you have inspired me to think of new ways to involve students in the learning process and make our contribution as educators to the community at large. Your sense of direction and vision regarding the political nature of the evening also impressed me. I know from earlier discussions that we do not share some political views regarding the nature of the state and the role of government. Yet, you welcomed me and my views to your class and you took your role as moderator seriously and professionally. You have helped me think in grander ways about the potential contributions to our society of student-centered learning." M.D., PhD (faculty)