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Pi Day Student Conference Information for Instructors

What is Pi-Day Student Conference?

Pi-Day Student Conference is a “For Students, By Students” event where students, guided by their instructor present their contextualized math projects and have them continue to:

  • Promote the ownership of their math learning!
  • Share their joy and promote the learning of math!
  • Enhance their own learning in math courses!
  • Enjoy contextualizing mathematics!
  • Communicate across curriculums!
  • Connect math with real-life applications!
  • Celebrate their mathematical accomplishments!
  • Discover ways to overcome their difficulties and anxiety in learning math!

Contextualized Math Presentation:

In order to have your students prepare their contextualized Math Presentation, you could ask students either to work individually or in groups (2-5 students).  Each group will create a presentation (poster, media poster or other project) showcasing their research on a math or science topic that relates to the content being learned in class. It is recommended that each poster include the following components:

1. Project topic

2. Math or science principles involved in the research

3. Short demonstration or narrative describing  project

4. Geometric interpretation if appropriate

5. Conclusion

6. Other applications (optional)



.Why would you include this event into your course?

That will help students to learn better while they connect what they learned in your course with Math or they realize the applications of Math in real life.


How to include this event into your course?

The following are some options:

  • Make the research and presentation mandatory ( 3-5% of total  grade)
  • Make it not mandatory, but assign it as extra credit  (3-5% of total grade)
  • Make it voluntary and encourage your students to participate ( no extra credit assigned)

Regardless of whatever option you choose, all participants will receive certificates of participation.



Pi Day Student Conference will be held at the PCC Quad area

If the students creating the posters are not able to attend the Pi-Conference, their posters could still be presented by other students who are volunteer presenters. Instructors please email for the number of your students who will attend the talk or any questions related to the Pi Conference.


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