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Written Threats

Bomb threats can be written in notes, scrawled on walls, or otherwise communicated in writing. While written threats are usually vague and general, they should not be ignored.

If one finds a written threat, he or she should:

  1. Handle the item as little as possible. The item may contain fingerprints or other evidence that can assist in the investigation.
  2. Immediately notify PCC Police and Safety Services (626) 585-7484. Do not tell anyone else about the threat. Telling others may spread unnecessary panic. If you feel you and/or others are in immediate danger call 911.

    • Exactly where the written threat was found.
    • The date and time the written threat was found.
    • Any unusual situations or conditions surrounding the discovery of the written threat.
    • Any other persons known to have seen the written threat.
  3. If the item is small, secure the original by placing it in a bag or envelope. This will prevent further handling from damaging possible evidence.
  4. Save all materials including any envelope or container.
  5. DO NOT fold, crumple, tear, or mark the item in any way.
  6. If instructed to do so, hand-deliver the item to PCC Police or wait for an officer to arrive on scene. If the threat is written on an immovable object, secure the location and do not allow anyone near it until a Police Officer arrives. The officer will decide how to restrict access to the location until the threat is assessed. The door may be locked or guarded, the area cordoned off, or other measures taken.

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