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Retirees Association

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of a minimum of 17 members and includes the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past-President. The Board usually meets every two months except during the summer. See Meetings tab for exact dates.

Name Email address Position at PCC Retired
Joseph Barnes Professor, Natural Science Division 2004
Mikki Bolliger Professor, Visual Arts and Media Studies 2009
Dorothy Burns Fiscal Services 2010
Bruce Carter Dean, Natural Sciences Division 2005
Kay Dabelow Professor, Social Sciences 2009
Lisa Davis Professor, Social Sciences 1998
Virginia Dedeaux Supervisor, Student Business Services 2010
Harry Kawahara Professor and Counselor 2005
    Board President  
Alan Lamson Professor, English Division 2004
    Chair, Scholarship Committee  
Terri Marsala Student Business Services Assistant 2004
Mary McGuire n/a Director, Learning Assistance Center 1987
    Charter Member  
Marion Murphy n/a Dean, Human Resources  
Michael Riherd Professor, English Division 2004
Pat Savoie Professor, English Division 2003
Sally Shuster Textbook Manager, College Bookstore 1998
    Chair, Activities Committee  
Joe Spiro Professor, Social Sciences Division 1998
Hollis Stewart Computer Center Technician, 2007
    Instructional Computing  
Lisa Sugimoto Vice President, College Advancement 2011
Marjorie Vickers n/a Professor, Life Sciences Division