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Prerequisite(s): None.
Nutrition from birth through old age. Relationship of diet to physical activity and body functions. Caloric foods, minerals and vitamins. Total of 54 hours lecture and 18 hours laboratory. Transfer Credit: CSU, UC Grading: Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass

NUTRI 11 students are required to spend one additional hour per week in the biology computer lab.

   #1975                                 ONLINE KHACHEKIAN M
       &                                 ONLINE KHACHEKIAN M
#1651                                 ONLINE MC CABE DC  
No. 1651: This course is part of the HEALTH SCIENCES PATHWAY BLOCK 1. Students must be concurrently enrolled in Engl 1A section #2270 and Biol 3 section #0452.
#2122                                 ONLINE VENKATESAN P
    &                                 ONLINE VENKATESAN P
No. 2122: Access www.pccnutrition.pbworks.com for instructions. pxvenkatesan@pasadena.edu.
#1705                                 ONLINE VENKATESAN P
    &                                 ONLINE VENKATESAN P
No.1705: Access www.pccnutrition.pbwiki.com for the final schedule and instructions. pxvenkatesan@pasadena.edu
   #2147  7:00am- 8:35am TuTh    LecLab  E320   BUXTON-PACHE
         1.1 Hours TBA per week
       &                 TBA             E320   BUXTON-PACHE
   #0970  8:00am-11:20am F       LecLab  E320   BUXTON-PACHE
       &                 TBA             E320   BUXTON-PACHE
   #2597  8:00am-11:20am Sat     LecLab  UU180  KHACHEKIAN M
         1.1 Hours TBA per week
       &                 TBA             UU180  KHACHEKIAN M

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