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Prerequisite(s): BIOL 11 or placement based on the Anatomy assessment process.
Introduction to gross and microscopic anatomy of the systems of the human body; emphasis on skeletal, muscular and nervous systems. Observations of a prosected cadaver. Recommended sophomore standing. For students whose majors require separate courses in human anatomy and physiology, but open to all qualified students. Total of 36 hours lecture and 108 hours laboratory. Transfer Credit: CSU, UC credit limitations. See counselor. Grading: Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass
#0164  9:00am- 1:40pm MTuWThF LecLab  U417   JARRELL P   
      Short Term: 01/9/12-02/16/12
No. 0164: Contact NaturalSciences@pasadena.edu. Indicate the course section you are interested in with your name, IIN, and the email address FOR contact. The Natural Science Division Office will send a confirmation email with the ADD CODE for thIS course, if space is available. The last date to attempt the process to add this class will be Nov. 22. You will be notified by Dec. 1, 2011 regarding your status. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE DIVISION OFFICE.

   #0056  9:00am- 1:40pm MTuWThF LecLab  U448   VALENTINE S 
         Short Term: 01/9/12-02/16/12

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