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Emergency Medical Technology
Health Sciences Division
CEC Room B6 - (626) 585-7323

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Prerequisite(s): Age 18 or older.
Selected topics in human anatomy and physiology. Diagnostic signs and interpretations of illness and injuries. Development of skill in procedures of emergency rescue and care. Preparation for certification for Emergency Medical Technician-I (Ambulance). Scope of practice not to exceed requirements as outlined under Title 22. Minimum grade of C required for an Occupational Skills Certificate. Total of 54 hours lecture and 108 hours laboratory. Grading: Letter Grade Only

NOTE: On the first day of class, students must show documented proof of being tested for TB within the 6 months prior to the first day of class.

   #0662  6:00pm- 9:20pm M       LecLab  CEC126 EASTERLING P
         Short Term: 01/9/12-02/11/12
       &  6:00pm- 9:20pm W               CEC126 EASTERLING P
       &  9:00am-   Noon F               CEC126 JENSEN S    
       &  1:00pm- 4:50pm F               CEC126 JENSEN S    
       &  9:00am-   Noon Sat             CEC126 JENSEN S    
       &  1:00pm- 4:50pm Sat             CEC126 JENSEN S    
       &                 TBA             CEC126 GRIFFITH C  

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