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Enrollment Management Standing Committee

The Enrollment Management Standing Committee shall inform the College Council on matters relating to course offerings and numbers of sections provided in accordance with planning priorities defined by the Educational Master Plan.

Membership: 14

  1. Co-Chair: Faculty - Appointed by Academic Senate, Edward Martinez
  2. Co-Chair: Vice President - Educational Services, Bob Miller
  3. Vice President - Academic Affairs and Instruction, Jackie Jacobs
  4. Vice President - Student and Learning Services, Bob Bell
  5. Faculty - Basic Skills - Appointed by Academic Senate, Manuel Perea
  6. Faculty - Transfer - Appointed by Academic Senate, Ana Ogaz
  7. Faculty - CTE - Appointed by Academic Senate, Shelly Gaskin
  8. Faculty - At-Large - Appointed by Academic Senate, Krista Walter
  9. Faculty - At-Large - Appointed by Academic Senate, Eduardo Cairo
  10. Deans - Basic Skills - Appointed by the Deans Council, Amy Ulmer
  11. Deans - Transfer - Appointed by the Deans Council, Ted Young
  12. Deans - CTE - Appointed by the Deans Council, Barbara Freund
  13. Classified Senate Representative - appointed by Classified Senate; suggested to be a Division Secretary, Glenna Waterson
  14. Associated Students Representative - appointed by Associated Students


Seven members appointed to a two year term and seven members appointed to a three year term. Shared Governances groups may appoint annually if they so chose. Members may be reappointed to successive terms. Term limits do not apply to designated positions e.g. VPSLS.