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Facilities Planning Committee

The Facilities Standing Committee shall advise the College Council on matters relating to the development and implementation of the Facilities Master Plan and other facilities-related projects and programs in support of the Educational master Plan.


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Membership: 12

  1. Co-Chair: Faculty Coleman Griffith
  2. Co-Chair: Director of Facilities and Construction Services Rueben Smith
  3. Faculty: Keith Oberlander
  4. Faculty: Lori Gagliardi
  5. Faculty: Susan Briggs
  6. Classified: Lori Cortez
  7. Classified: Denise Albright
  8. Classified: Linda Valencia
  9. Manager: David Douglass
  10. Manager: Jim Arnwine
  11. Manager: Dave Colley
  12. Associated Student: Jordyn Orozco


  1. Jack Schulman
  2. Robert Bell
  3. Robert Miller
  4. Crystal Kollross
  5. Matthew Kiaman


Eight members appointed to a two year term and eight members to a three year term. Members may be reappointed to successive terms. Shared Governance groups may appoint annually if they so choose. Term limits do not apply to designate positions e.g. Vice President, Instruction, Director, Facilities Services.