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Professional Development Standing Committee

The Comprehensive Professional Development Committee - will guide the college's comprehensive professional development program and activities in support of the Educational Master Plan. This guidance includes identifying professional learning needs, developing and/or commissioning strategies or activities to address needs, determining criteria to evaluate professional learning proposals, allocating funding for approved activities, and overseeing the evaluation and assessment of professional learning. The focus of the committee will be:

  • Ongoing professional learning for classified staff, faculty, and mangers
  • New employee orientation
  • Mentoring
  • Career advancement activities
  • Learning assessment
  • Equity/Diversity
  • State and federally mandated training
  • Other college-wide employee training


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Membership: 11

  1. Co-chair: Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, Kathy Scott
  2. Co-chair: Appointed by Academic Senate, Susan Bower
  3. Faculty: Appointed by Academic Senate, Bucky Bakhtawar
  4. Faculty: Appointed by the Academic Senate, Julie Kiotas
  5. Manager: Appointed by the Management Association, Dave Douglass
  6. Manager: Appointed by the Management Association, Matthew Kiaman
  7. Classified: Appointed by the Classified Senate, Theresa Reed
  8. Classified: Appointed by the Classified Senate, Yajaira De La Paz
  9. Classified: Appointed by the Classified Senate, Mei-Ling Cheng
  10. Student: Appointed by the Associated Students,
  11. Professional Development Director, Leslie Tirapelle

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