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Academic Computing & Technology Standing Committee

Committee Mission

The College Council Academic Computing and Technology Standing Committee (ACT) shall advise the College Council on matters relating to academic computing and technology in support of the Educational Master Plan. ACT will serve as the committee responsible for the development, evaluation and revision of the Technology Master Plan. In this role, the committee seeks to determine the technology needs of the College and develop guidelines, standards and priorities to meet these needs. Educational Master Plan.


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    1. Co-Chair: Faculty (appointed by Academic Senate), Mark Sakata
    2. Co-Chair: Associate VP of Strategic Planning and Innovation, Ryan Cornner
    3. Classified - Appointed by Classified Union, Jeffrey Wojcik
    4. Classified - Appointed by Classified Senate, Maureen Davidson
    5. Classified - Appointed by Classified Senate: Elizabeth Wood
    6. Faculty: Appointed by Academic Senate, Robert Lee
    7. Faculty: Appointed by Academic Senate, Lan Truong
    8. Student - Appointed by Associated Students,
    9. Student - Appointed by Associated Students,
    10. Instructional Manager: Appointed by Management Association,
    11. Student Servicesl Manager: Appointed by Management Association,
    12. ITS Manager: Information Technology Services, Mark Gutierrez
    13. ITS Manager: Information Technology Services, Matthew Kiaman
    14. ITS Manager: Information Technology Services, Todd Hampton
    15. DSPS Office - Standing, Alex Marositz
    16. Web Office - Standing, Michael Ihrig
    17. Distance Education Department - Standing, Leslie Tirapelle



Appointments are made annually. Members may be appointed to successive terms up to three years.  Term limits do not apply to ITS managers.