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Student Learning Outcomes
What are SLOs? Design Principles SLO Writing Workshops

What are Student Learning Outcomes?

Student learning outcomes (aka student learning goals) are an important part of the teaching and learning process. They are the “knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits of mind that students take with them from a learning experience.” (Suskie 2004)
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What are the benefits of having SLOs?

For students, they provide clear and concise statements of the expected knowledge and/or attitudes they are supposed to demonstrate at the end of the course, program, or degree. SLOs inform the student of the expected outcome and the criteria upon which they are going to be assessed. Therefore, SLOs help to make learning visible to the student.

For the instructors, SLOs give us the opportunity to grow as professionals as we reflect on how our activities in the classroom support the outcomes of the course. Because assessment is a key component of the SLO process and provides us with valuable feedback to inform and guide future teaching and learning, the process of developing SLOs is dynamic and not static; as a result, an SLO may undergo many revisions as we continuously evaluate the students’ learning.

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