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SLOs & C&I
SLOs vs SPOs SLO Review Process SLO Forms & Checklist

C&I and the SLO Review Process

A stack of books.SLOs are not formally reviewed unless they are part of a course that is going through the C&I process. After an instructor has made changes to an existing course or proposed a new course, the next step in WebCMS is the SLOARC. At this stage one of the coordinators will review the SLOs by looking at the catalog description, the course’s performance objectives (SPOs) and the course content.

The SLO Checklist is filled out and sent to the faculty member and the Division Dean. If there are any boxes checked “no,” suggestions are made to assist in clarifying the SLO statement. Faculty have the option to follow those suggestions. Should there be questions, the SLOARC is available to assist.

At the C&I subcommittee meeting, faculty who are presenting the new course/course modification have the opportunity to discuss the course and its outcomes. Faculty should be prepared to explain how they might assess the outcomes that they have created.

Following the subcommittee meeting, the faculty have one week to make any changes in WebCMS that the subcommittee deems necessary. At this point the course will go to the full committee for a vote.

Note: Most of the SLOs that have been written for courses have not gone through this process. If you would like to see how the outcomes for your course match the criteria used to review SLOs, review the SLO Forms & Checklists.
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