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Overview of SLO Chronology
SLO Division Council and SLO Steering Committee meetings

Fall 2007 - Spring 2008

  • Continue developing SLOs – all levels
  • Fall 2007 - SLO Resource Center initiated: “Learning Outcomes and Assessment Resource Center”
  • Fall 2007 Campus wide flex day – focus teaching & learning.
  • Spring 2008 Campus wide flex day – focus on assessment and developing rubrics to assess course and program SLOs

Fall 2006 - Spring 2007

Fall 2005 - Spring 2006

  • SLO Resources Website created
  • Begin developing SLOs – all levels
  • Faculty SLO workshops organized and sponsored by the Academic Senate Faculty Development Committee;
  • PCC Faculty presenters
  • Semester-long SLO/WAC workshops to prepare faculty “mentors” for each division
  • Half-day Division SLO workshops

Summer 2005

  • College-wide Summer Institute on SLOs - Summary Report and Handbook
  • Begin to plan process for integrating SLOs into C&I and Program Reviews

Spring 2005

  • Senate sponsored Faculty SLO survey
  • Senate sponsored SLO Workshops
  • Senate adopted the Educational Policies Committee Working Draft of “Institutional Student Learning Outcomes”
  • Division SLO Workshops
  • SLO and Accreditation Timeline developed
  • SLO Steering Committee – formalize Purpose, Responsibilities and Roles

Fall 2004

  • SLO Steering Committee formed (Shared governance committee)
  • Senate Faculty Development Committee Plan for SLO activities, workshops and newsletter developed and approved
  • Huba & Freed book, Learner-centered Assessment on College Campuses : Shifting the Focus from Teaching to Learning, distributed to Divisions

Fall 2003

  • Vocational education programs incorporate SLOs into program reviews

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Assessment Coordinator



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