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Student Learning Outcomes
What are SLOs? Design Principles SLO Writing Workshops

Writing SLOs Workshops

The Link Between SLOs, Assessment & Critical Thinking
May 9, 2006
Robert Eaton, Music Faculty (Performing & Communication Arts Division) presents a model for incorporating writing and critical thinking in the SLO assessment cycle across the disciplines.
New Media Center: DVD D 0218 Closed captioned.

SLO Development: A Case Study
November 10, 2005
Ann Davis and Jay Cho (Math Division) discuss the process of development of SLOs and the use of rubrics to assess them for Math 402 (Pre Algebra).
New Media Center DVD: D 0211
Download the presentation. (PPT)

Rubrics in the SLO Cycle
November 22, 2005
Karen Carlisi discusses the role of rubrics in the SLO assessment cycle, with a step-by-step process for creating rubrics and tips for implementation of rubrics for learning and assessment.
New Media Center DVD: D 0213
Download the presentation. (PPT) Adapted from work by Wei-I Wang (PCC-IPRO).

What's the Big Deal About SLOs?
April 5, 2005
Karen Carlisi (Writing Across the Curriculum Project Coordinator and ESL instructor) discusses concerns, controversies, and conundrums expressed in the PCC SLO survey. Parallels and distinctions between TMOs and SLOs are addressed.
New Media Center VHS: V 2614 DVD: D 0158
Download the presentation. (PPT)

SLOs and Accreditation: An Insider's Unofficial View
April 28, 2005
Judith Branzburg (English Division) discusses the new accreditation standards' emphasis on SLOs and how accreditation visiting teams are assessing a school's use of SLOs.
New Media Center VHS: V 2615 or DVD: D 0159

Using SLOs for More Effective Assignments
May 5, 2005
Priya Venkatesan (Natural Sciences - Nutrition Instructor) discusses and presentes examples of adapting and enhancing existing assignments with SLOs and learning assessment techniques.
New Media Center DVD:D 0160 or D 0214 or VHS: V2416
Download the presentation. (PPT)

Strengthening Programs with SLOs
May 10, 2005
Shelley Gaskin (Business & Computer Technology Division - Business Information Technology Program) discusses the successful use of SLOs and assessment techniques in the BIT program.
Related material: "The Case for Authentic Assessment" by Grant Wiggins
New Media Center DVD: D 0161 or VHS: V 2622

Enhancing Your Courses with SLOs
May 19, 2005
Salomon Davila (Engineering & Technology Division – Drafting and Computer-Aided Design) discusses and presents examples of incorporating student learning outcomes (SLOs) into course syllabus, relating program goals to course SLOs and an assignment.
New Media Center VHS:V 2626 or DVD:D 0162 (5/19/05)
Download the presentation. (PPT)

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