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Staff Development


Who has conference money?

In previous years, State budget allocations included Staff Development funds and Technology Training funds for community colleges. This year, these funds have been eliminated from the State budget. As a result, PFE is the only source of funds available for conference attendance, retreats, lunch and learn activities, and workshops.

  1. Division Conference Committee
    • Each division has been allocated an amount for faculty to attend conferences, workshops, and retreats. The division conference committee is the main source for faculty development funds.
  2. Staff Development
    • Staff may apply for conference funding and training from the following Staff Development Chairs:
      • Classified Staff
      • Faculty
      • Management
    • This is the maximum amount that will be approved per faculty member for the entire year.

What is the process for obtaining Board approval?

  1. Division conference funding
    • Complete a yellow conference form (available in Human Resources or in your Division office) and obtain your division dean's signature. Turn the form into Cha Mancini in Business Services
  2. Your approved form will be sent to Human Resources and then forwarded to Business Services for payment.

All travel over $1500 must be board reported. You should submit your travel confirmation form prior to all travel.

What happens after I attend the conference??

  1. Be prepared to share the information from the conference with your colleagues. Some of your options include:
    • Oral report at a division meeting
    • Written report
    • Lunch and Learn
    • Staff Development sponsored workshop or training opportunity.