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Microsoft Outlook Email

Configuring Outlook for the PCC Network

  1. Find Outlook in the Start Menu under Programs/Microsoft Office/Microsoft Outlook.
    Screen shot showing Microsoft Outlook program location from Start menu
  2. Launch Outlook and set it up for your use by going to the Tools menu and bringing up the Accounts dialog box.
    Screen shot of Tools menu and Accounts dialog box.
  3. In the Accounts dialog box select the PCC Internet Mail account that has already been set up. Select the account and use the Properties button on the right.
    Screen shot of the Internet Accounts dialog box with the Mail tab selected.
  4. In the PCC-Mail Internet Mail Properties dialog box, enter your name and email address in the Name, E-mail Address, and Reply fields. The Organization text field is already filled in properly. Leave the "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing" box checked.
    Assuming that your name is John Xavier Foo, when you are done the dialog box will look like this:
    Screen shot of the PCC Internet Mail Properties, General tab, dialog box with name, organization, E-mail address and reply address completed properly. Name field shows John Xavier Foo, Orgainzation field shows Pasadena City College, E-mail address shows and Reply address shows
  5. Select the Servers tab at the top of that dialog box and enter your email account name and password. Leave the incoming and outgoing server information alone. Assuming that your email name is, your email Account name is jxfoo. For the Password field, use your network password. The password is privacy protected as you type it in, appearing as a series of x’s.
    If you wish, you may choose to check off the Remember Password box. If your computer is accessible by others you may wish not to use that option, forcing Outlook to prompt you for your password each time.Screen shot of the PCC Internet mail Properties, servers tab selected, showing proper input for your email account name and password. My incoming mail server field shows POP3, Incoming mail(POP3) and Outgoing mail(SMTP) shows the IP address, (if not contact hHelp Desk at ext. 7523), Account name shows jxfoo, Password shows asterisks to keep the info secret, Remember password box is checked
  6. When done with the PCC-Mail Internet Mail Properties dialog box, click the Apply button at the bottom right. Use the OK button to dismiss the PCC-Mail Internet Mail Properties dialog box and use the Close button to dismiss the Accounts dialog box.
    That’s all there is to it. You have now successfully set up Outlook to send and receive Internet email. Use the Send/Receive button in the Taskbar to get your mail.
    Screen shot of Microsoft Outlook after closing the PCC- Internet Mail Properties window. Shos the Send/Receive button on the Taskbar below the Menu bar.