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Optimizing Images

Not all images are suitable for the web. In order to keep the image sizes consistent, "droplets" and "actions" for Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (and above) are provided below. These will allow you to drag and drop files into an application that wil take your image and resize it to the appropriate width and height.

The following tutorial will create an image suitable for the web site along with a thumbnail. These are appropriate for use the news and events section of the PCC Portal.


(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators



Actions: These are found in your "Actions" panel in Adobe Photoshop and run within the program. They take steps for you to do a particular action, such as resizing an image and saving it as a jpeg. In your "Actions" panel you have the option to pause and play the action. Sometimes you will be prompted with messages to do a step, such as to move the image to a particular position.

Droplets: These are self running actions. Quite simply you drop your image file onto the droplet and it will process it.

1. First download the appropriate files. Below are files for the Mac and the PC. PC Users: Right click on the link and select "Save Target As". Mac Users: Put your cursor over the link, and press down so that a menu pops up. Select "Save Target As".

Mac: Download PC: Download

2. You will find that you have downloaded a set of files. Each one is a particular action for a different type of image, and each creates a new file. While using these actions, it is important to know and remember where you save the new files.

The common difference between these actions is the orientation of the image. There are two kinds, Portrait and Landscape. Portrait images are larger on the horizontal than the vertical. Landscape are images that are larger on the vertical then the horizontal. For example:

an example of what a picture is in landscape oriention. an example of what a picture is in portrait oriention.
Landscape Portrait

3. Locate where the files are on your computer. There are three files.

The first two are simply, Droplets. Just drag and drop your files into these and they will create new files. The files that you will use, are large images and the Droplet will reduce it to a size appropriate for the web.

Hint: If you look at the new file and notice that the image looks worst than the first file, most likely the first file is smaller. Use the first file instead.

Anything bigger than the images bellow, should be used with the Droplets to resize them for the appropriate size.

A picture of a girl at graduation. a teacher showing a student human anatomy

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