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This feature allows you to upload course materials or add links to other online web pages (i.e. Syllabus, Handouts, Guidelines, Assignments, link to an online glossary of terms, etc.)

Step 1 to Create and Add A Course Document

Create and save the course document, i.e. syllabus, in your word processor (Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, ...).

Save as a Web Page document (.html)

The prefered way to deliver your document on the web is as a web page.
Click on File, Save As Web Page ... (depending on the application it may say as .htm or .html)

Screen capture demonstrating selecting Save as Web Page from the File Menu.
Be sure to choose the Save in: location on your computer, such as My Documents. Make sure that you put a proper Title to the document. The Title will show up at the top of the visitor's browser window.

User's Desktop

View at the user's desktop

Title Shown in Viewer's Browser

Screen capture of viewer's browser displaying the title at the top of the window.

OR you can save your document in the following formats:

Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Rich text format is a generic formated (keeping the look) document that can usually be opened in any word processor application. The document remains editable and may not print or look exactly the same on the user's computer, especially if you used unique fonts.

Click on File, Save As...
Screen capture of a microsoft word document, demonstrating selecting Save As from the File Menu.

Rich Text format screen capture, showing how to choose Save as type: Rich Text Format from the options list.

Be sure to choose the Save in: location on your computer, such as My Documents.

Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

A PDF will require the user to open it in Acrobat Reader and look exactly the same as your original document. Creating a PDF requires that you have the application Adobe Acrobat Professional or Adobe Acrobat Distiller, or are using MAC OSX.

Showing tool bar icon for Convert to Adobe PDF, also found on the Main Toolbar Menu under Adobe PDF menu.

In Microsoft Word, if you have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed, you will see the Convert to Adobe PDF icon. Simply click the left Acrobat icon or choose Convert to Adobe PDF under Adobe PDF in the Toolbar to convert and save your document as a PDF. Be sure to choose the Save in: location on your computer, such as My Documents.

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure you REMEMBER the location of your document on your computer. The safest place would be the "My Documents" folder or by creating a folder called Courses on your Desktop.



(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators


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