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Step 3

Complete the information and browse to locate your document.

  1. Select the Semester when your document will be posted on your page. If you want your course material to show up for Fall, choose Fall Semester.
  2. Type the course number (i.e. ENG 1A).
  3. Type the 4-digit section number (i.e. 1234).
  4. Type the title for your document (i.e. Assignment, week 1).
  5. Indicate whether your document is a syllubus for this course.
  6. Browse for the file that you just saved on your computer.
  7. Or you can link to a web link to something that is already on the web, such as an online resource that would be helpful for your students (or to link to pages that are in your website if you have one). To avoid typing errors, it is often helpful to open a new browser window (Toolbar>File>New>Window) and browse to the new web address, copy the address, close the new window and paste the copied address in the text box here.

Then at the bottom of the web page click Add Course Document

How will my students find my web page and these documents?

Once you have successfully saved your course documents in the Portal, your students will find your course materials by looking up your name in the PCC directory on the web. Clicking on your name will take them to the website. A search box for the directory is found on every page of the PCC website in the upper right corner. Be sure they know how to spell your name. If the student is unsure of the spelling, then tell them to use the directory link, under the search box, to get more choices on searching through the directory.
Screenshot of search box and link to directories, found in the top right of every page, and with the accesskey 3.

Next step, revising or deleting a course document.

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(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators