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Viewing Dates

Users and Dept. Admins. are limited to viewing the news within their department.

HINT: Duplicate is a fast way to create a new event or a recurring event that is similar to another event you have already created, and make minor changes like the date.Users are limited to viewing the dates within their department.



(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators


1. In order to go back to the menu, click Dates. Click Main to go back to the main menu, and when you are done, click Logout.

2. You can view the dates according to Title, Department, Date or Publication Status. To reverse the order, click on the link a second time. You can change how many articles are displayed at the bottom of the of the web page.

3. Click View to read a particular date, Edit to revise a date, or Delete to remove a date.