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Staff Services - PCC Portal Tutorial

Department Office Hours

This is where you may edit or add your department office hours. You may view your current office hours on this screen and change how many records you are viewing at once by selecting from the menu on the bottom of the screen.

1. This is where you will click to add office hours.

2. Here you have the option to Duplicate, Edit, or Delete. When you click Delete you will be prompted to confirm your choice.

Adding Office Hours

The fields with asterisks * must be filled in. Filling in the Location is helpful to direct students to the right location. When filling in the times, make sure to include a colon. For example, 8:00

Click Submit when you are done.

Editing Office Hours

When you click Edit, a new page will appear like the one above. It is the same information that you would see if you were adding hours. You may change the semester, day, times, and location. A fast way of adding office hours is to Duplicate one of the records and then Edit it.

You may click on Main on the upper right hand corner to return to the main menu, or Logout to end your session.




(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators