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Adding Events

NOTE: All events posted to the PCC Calendar of Events MUST first be approved by the Campus Use Office to ensure room allocation, proper notifications and that campus event services are properly scheduled. Public Relations has published a detailed Events Planning Guide(PDF) that should be carefully followed.

From the main menu choose the News and Events button.

Click Events to add an entirely new event.

Once in the Events section, click on the Add New Event button in upper right corner.
Screenshot of the event list with Add New Event button

TIP: if you are creating a new event that is subtantially similar to a past or another upcoming event, it is easier to find that event in the list view and click Duplicate, then edit the content that needs to be changed, making sure to re-set the Publication Status, which was automatically changed to Draft when the duplicate event was created. If you do not see past events, click the checkbox in the upper left to "Include Expired Items in List"




(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators


To add an event to the PCC web calendar of events you will tab through the form fields and fill in all the required information (indicated by and asterisk)

Event Description

  1. First you will describe your event
  2. The Event Title should provide enough information so that someone can tell what the event is, without reading the entire description. Your description should give enough details to help the viewer know what activities will take place and be inviting. Along with describing the event, put anything that you cannot put into the other fields here, such as parking information or gallery hours.
  3. You may indicate the cost, if any, note that it is Free, or leave the cost info blank. A web site address can provide more information relating to the event or the information inside the description. Include a full web URL address:
  4. Click on Next Step to save this info and go to the next panel of info.

Event Type

Screenshot of the form to input the event type

    Screenshot of Publication Status selector list
  1. Publication Status gives you the option to choose the level that you wish to publish your event. Users can publish to their page and request publication to a department web page or to the PCC web site. NOTE: If you are not the Department Administrator, your event will need to be approved to be published. Your Department Administrator will receive an email that your event is waiting for approval. Once your Department Administrator approves your event, the Director of Public Relations will receive an email to approve any event that you wish to feature on PCC's home page.
  2. Priority will be either normal or featured. Featured events may be more prominently displayed differently in the Public Relations, Events Calendar and Mobile apps.
  3. Event type: PCC indicates this event is put on and organized by a college department or organization. Civic indicates an event for which PCC is leasing campus space, or PCC is hosting, but is not the organizer of the event. If you are not sure which type applies, check with Campus Use.
  4. It is important to include the Event Category you are submitting an event to. Pick the most appropriate category for your event.Screenshot of the category selector list

Screenshot of event schedule form.

  1. An event's Start Date and End Date, are the actual date(s) that the event takes place. You must complete the Start and End Dates. Most events occur on a single day, so these dates will be the same. If the event is a continuing event for several days, like a gallery show, you can enter the beginning and ending date.
    NOTE: if your event is "All Day" such as a holiday, simply check the All Day event checkbox.
  2. Start Time and End Time should specify the hours the event takes place. End time is optional, but it is helpful to include it.


Screenshot of event location, on campus form fields.

  1. Indicate if the event you are posting takes place on campus or off-campus.
  2. The on-campus Location requires a building and a room number (where appropriate). Since this is a limited text box, if you need more space to describe the location, add additional details in the 1. Description tab.
    Screenshot of off-campus input form fields.
  3. If you indicate that your event is off-campus the form will provide fields for the location description and address.


Screenshot of the people/contacts input form.

  1. Tab 5 is where you indicate the contact person for your event.
  2. This is automatically pre-filled with the department contact info and can be edited as needed.
  3. You may also indicate optional sponsors or attendees in this tab. Include a sponsor if you want to give credit to the organization putting on the event. Including an attendee can be important for indicating who is representing PCC at non-PCC events, such as a civic or political events. Indicating "attendees" is also helpful to designate a Student Ambassador representative. Click" Add Person" to get additional lines for either sponsor or attendee names.
  4. Choose "Next Step" after completing the People tab if you have attachments.
    If you have no attachments to add and do not require registration for your event, you may choose the button "Choose "Next Step" after completing the People tab if you have attachments."

Attachments (optional)

Screenshot of the form input to add images and files to the event posting.

  1. You may attach one File to your event. If you have a PDF, MS Word, or other related document, use the File: and Browse button to locate it on your computer. Select with Open in your computer dialog box. This will complete the necessary information to the Portal to load your file with your event.
  2. You may include an Image along with your event. Your image will be optimized by the server:
  • Thumbnail images, will usually appear with events list, such as the calendar dates list and will be sized to approximately 100 pixels. You may use a different image for the thumbnail. Often individuals like to crop an interesting part of the full larger image to use as a thumbnail.
  • Large images will appear on the event detail, and will be sized to approximately 300 to 400 pixels.
  • You may upload gif, jpg or png file types. Very large image files will take several seconds to process. Overly large files may fail to upload. If your image files are over several megabytes, you should edit and save them to a smaller size in an image editor first before tying to upload. Flickr, Picnik, or Picassa are free applications available via a web browser that allow you to edit and crop your images.
  • Use the Browse button to locate the file in your computer, and select it with "open." This will complete the necessary information for the Portal to load your image to the web site.
  • Provide a description of the content that the image will add to your information. For example a photo of a guest lecturer would simply say" Photo of Mahatma Ghandi", while diagram of a booth location at the Rose Bowl, would need some basic directions, for example "inside Rose Bowl main entrance, to the left at booth #30." If your image is just for interest (eye candy) you can type a space for the description.

Online Registration (optional)

Screenshot of online registration form

  1. In tab 7, check if attendees will be registering online.
  2. Choose from an existing Workshop series type (for instance 2011 Lunch and Learn) if this is part of a series you have already created an event for. Or create a new Workshop Type, keeping in mind that this name will help you group a series of related events and get reporting on all if necessary. You may want to include the year, if this is something that happens every year or semester.
  3. Indicate the Total Number of Applicants - the number people you will allow to attend
    Indicate the Total Number on Wait List - the number of people you will allow to be added to a wait list.
  4. Indicate the person to be contacted regarding registration and cancellation and their email. This info will be included in the emails sent to attendees to confirm registration
    Once your event is set up for online registration many automatic processes take place. Please see the online registration section of the Portal tutorial for full details.
  5. This is the last step in completing your event information. Click Done Creating Event.

Event Saved

When you are done filling everything out, click "View Event." You should look back over your information to make sure everything is correct and click Submit. A confirmation page will appear. It is a good idea to return and View the item before you logout of the portal to be sure everything is as you intended. From this review page, you can choose to go back to edit, to delete or return to the list of your events.
Screenshot of view of event details.

If you are able approve the event for publication, it is also a good idea to look at the event in the PCC event calendar, your department news and events page or your personal news and events page to see it as Website visitors will view it.

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