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Staff Services - PCC Portal tutorial

Viewing, Editing, Deleting or Duplicating Events

After you have created an Event you can click Events again to View, Edit, Duplicate or Delete events. HINT: Duplicate is a fast way to create a new event or a recurring event that is similar to another event you have already created, and make minor changes like the date.

Screenshot of checkbox to find past events

Users, while in the Portal Events List View, are limited to viewing the events within their department.

  1. To navigate back to the Main page of the portal or Logout, go up to the top page links. Or select Events to go back to the Events menu and ADD an Event item.
  2. To find and view past events, you must check the "Include: Expired Items" and click the search button.
  3. You can sort the view list of events according to Event Title, Department, Event Date or Publication Status. To change the order, click on the heading link. To sort in the opposite order, i.e. oldest events first, click the heading again. To change how many events are displayed, scroll to the bottom of the web page and select 5, 10, 25 or 100.

(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators


4. Click View to read a particular event, Edit to revise an event, Duplicate to copy for a new event, or Delete to remove your event.

It is not necessary to Delete an event to remove it from the web site. All events, once past their End Date, are automatically expired and therefore unpublished. However, if you are unlikely to reuse an event, it may be helpful to periodically delete events to keep your department event list manageable.

NOTE: If you need to Edit an event that needed approval for publication to either a Department page or to PCC main pages, the event will return to a draft and you must re-submit the item for publication. A User can only edit or delete an event that he/she created.

You may Duplicate a previously published event in your Department to make a new event with changes.
If you have recurring events, this is a quick way to create them. The Duplicated item is always a Draft by default. Be careful to review all the fields for the new information when duplicating an item.