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Getting Started

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This is known as the portal. The advantage of the portal is that you can personalize your personal info featured on the PCC web site. Every PCC faculty member and staff has a web paged link to their name in the directory. If you do not have a Portal account, please request one vie the Help Desk at the Help Desk request form and selecting "Web" from the "Request Regarding" field.

You can post news and events to the web site, you can adjust your conference or office hours, and update your user information. Some users, called department administrators have a higher level of access. Department administrators can modify their department page, change department office hours within a particular department and modify news and events.

Throughout the tutorial, the extra features for department administrators will be defined.

Screen capture of the log in page of the PCC Portal

There are several things you should do here the first time you login.

  1. Under "Your Human Resource Data" review your data. The information used in the directories is created from the information maintained by Human Resources. If it is not correct, please email Patsy Perry using the link provided and give her the corrected info. It may take a few weeks for this to be reflected on the website. HR information is updated approximately every two weeks.
  2. Under "My CF Web Information" you can change your password or security question information. If you forget your password, the system will send your new password to your reminder email address, but only if you can answer the reminder question correctly!

screen shot of the initial page after login.

Now you are ready to begin working with the Portal features. Depending on your access level you will have different options.

Users, which will be the majority of PCC staff, are usually limited to the four features within the red box below. Department Administrators have greater access and will see six features. Department administrators usually:

  • maintain a department page,
  • add users within their department,
  • approve news and events that users submit,
  • or create their own news and events.

First, let's go over the functions of these features.

News and Events. News and Events allows users and department administrators to add news, events, post meetings dates and publish minutes, add important dates and banners that appear throughout the PCC web site. News and Events can be published to the user's own web page, to the department's web site or to the main PCC pages depending on how you set the publication status. Publishing to the department or PCC main pages requires approvals, and depending on your access level, and the Portal automatically notifies the appropriate administrators to review and approve your new content.

Office Hours. Users and department administrators maintain office and conference hours for faculty or staff here. Users can maintain their individual hours, and administrators can maintain office hours for anyone in their department/division.

Courses. This component of the PCC Portal is geared towards course content management. Faculty and/or staff can load their course materials (i.e. Syllabus) to the web using this feature. This feature is designed for very basic documents such as MS Word or Excel, or MS Office documents saved as HTML (no images) or PDF.

Departments. Users can view their department information and department administrators can maintain their department page, department contact information and department hours.

User Information. Users can maintain their personal information such as bio, photo, email addresses and an external web site link. Department administrators can edit their personal information as well as the users within their department if necessary.

Guest Books (Dept. Admin.). This is a fairly limited feature. This would only be useful if you wanted a guest book on your department page. For example, this could be useful for alumni to keep in touch with each other, or for the art gallery to use as a virtual guest book for visitors. For more information on this feature contact the New Media Center.

Login Info (Dept. Admin.). This is limited to department administrators. Department administrators can add users and edit department users login information here. This is simply a tool to maintain user accounts.

Next we will go over each section. Choose a section from navigation menu above and lets begin the tutorial.


(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators


SERVICE ALERT: PCC will be launching an updated version of this website on Tuesday, June 28, and Wednesday, June 29. During that time, you may notice some changes to content, layout, and functionality of the site, and there may be interruptions in service. We appreciate your patience during the launch, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.