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Staff Services - PCC Portal Tutorial

Viewing Login Info

At the Login Menu, you have the option of viewing all of the logins. This is useful if you would like to change a user's information or even delete the user from the portal.

You can change the order by which the last names appear from A-Z to Z-A, by clicking on Last Name. Click on View to see a user's information or Edit to change a user's information. You can click Next to view the next set of users displayed.

You can search by last name, by typing a partial or full name in the type field in the upper right hand corner. In case you don't know the spelling it is best to start narrowing down the list by typing the first couple of letters and clicking Go. You can change the amount of names displayed by selecting the number of names displayed at bottom of the page.

In the upper right hand corner you have several buttons. User will allow you to return the list of users, Main will return you to the login menu, and Logout will end your session.



(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators