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Staff Services - PCC Portal Tutorial

Adding Meetings

Click Add Meeting to add an entirely new meeting date.

Tab through the form fields and fill in all the required information.

Section details:

  1. Everything that has an asterisk next to it, must be filled in. It is important to include the Event Category for your meeting, usually this is simply "meeting." In order for a meeting date to be published if you are a User, your Department Admin. will receive an email to review and approve.

    Publication Status and Priority - Depending on your user authority level, you can choose to publish to different parts of the Web site. Choose the level that you wish to publish your meeting to in Publication Status. Users can request a review by an administrator for publication to the department web page or to the PCC web site.

    • My Page - will only publish to your personal page that is linked to your name in the directory.
    • Publish to Department - will publish to the department Web site for which you are a user. If you are not the department administrator, you will see Request to Publish to Department.
    • Publish Status set to Request to Publish to PCC and Priority set to Feature will show the meeting date under Featured Events on the PCC home page if approved by the Director of Public Relations

(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators

  1. Several things to keep in mind in section 2:

    • Meeting title should provide enough information so that someone can tell what the event is, without reading the entire description and when viewed in the full PCC calendar of events, i.e. Board of Trustee Meeting
    • A meeting's Start Date and End Date, are the dates that the meeting takes place. You must complete the Start and End Dates. Most meetings occur on a single day, so these dates will be the same.
    • Start Time and End Time should specify the hours the meeting takes place. You do not need to indicate the End Time is it is unknown, but as a courtesy to attendees, include this if there is a set duration.
    • The Location indicates the building and/or a room number. If you need more space to describe the location, for instance if it takes place off-campus, add these details in the description.
    • Web site is optional. A web site address can provide more information relating to the meeting. Include a full URL address:
  2. Along with describing the meeting, put anything in the Description that you cannot fit in to the other fields here like parking information, or additional information regarding the start or end times.
  3. To add an Agenda that is ready at the time of creating the meeting date, you will click on the Browse... button next to Agenda Document and locate the file on your local computer (this can be an html, doc, txt, xls or pdf format only). The system will automatically create the link and upload this document with your meeting information. Usually you will add minutes after the meeting date, by Editing the meeting record as described on the next page of this tutorial.
  4. If you have an Other Document prepared that you want to make available for the meeting that is neither the agenda or minutes, you can add one miscellaneous document. Click on the Browse... button next to Other Document to locate this file on your local computer. Then type the text in the field Other Description that you wish to appear as the link to this document, i.e. Budget Report.
  5. Include appropriate contact information.
    • When you are done filling everything out, you should look back over your information to make sure everything is correct
  6. Click the Submit button. A confirmation page will appear. It is a good idea to return and View the item before you logout of the portal to be sure everything is as you intended.
    • To navigate back to the Main page of the portal or to Logout, use the top right page links.


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