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Adding News

Click, Add News.



(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators


Screen shot of the input page for a news item.

Release and expiration date. For a news article the dates you enter will determine when the article is released on the web and when it should be dropped. If you only want the news release to run for a month, then the release date would be today or sometime soon when you want the news to display and the expiration date would be one month later. When typing a date remember to type in the following format.


1. This is where set the desired publication status, whether it is to the main PCC page, your department's page, both PCC and your department, or your own page. Unless you are a department administrator, your submission will be reviewed before being approved for addition to the department page or PCC homepage.

2. This gives you the option to choose the level that you wish to publish your event to. Users can publish their page and request a review by an administrator for publication to a department web page or to the PCC web site.

3. Type in your Headline, Summary and Main Body. Generally, the headline is a title, the summary is no longer than a paragraph, and the main body is your full article. You need to fill in all three. It is most important that the Headline give enough description that someone can tell what the news is going to be about, even if the title is all that is displayed (as it is on the main page of the PCC web site). The Summary should be a single paragraph or two, summation of the news piece.

An example of a headline and a summary:

Coash Maher Helps PCC Football Players Transfer to Success

PCC head football coach Tom Maher would like his coaching career to reflect more than just a stereotyplical bottom line. Maher works tirelessly on helping his students athletes attain scholarships to four universities.

4.You may include an Image along with your news. You may "optimize" your images for the web by downloading the provided actionscript for Adobe Photoshop. You may also contact the New Media Center, LL120 or for help.

  • Thumbnail images, will usually appear with your event listing and must be no bigger than either 100 pixels in either height or width (one dimension can be larger depending on whether the image is portrait or landscape).
  • Large images will appear on the event detail, and must be no bigger in one dimension than 300 to 400 pixels. All images for the web should have a resolution between 72 and 96 dpi.

Once you have optimized your picture or art clip for the web, you simply "browse" to your copy of the image on your local computer file. When you locate the file in your computer, and select it with "open", this will complete the necessary information for the Portal to load your image to the web site.

5. This is where you include your contact information.

6. When you are done, click Submit and you will receive a confirmation of your addition the next page


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