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Adding Office Hours

Screen shot of navigation button that go back to main menu, hours menu or logout.

You may return to the Office Hours menu, the previous step, anytime by clicking on the Hours button on the upper right hand corner. By clicking the Main button you will return to the main menu of where you first logged in. The Logout button will log you out and your session will be over.

Name. (Only available to the dept. admin) Choose the name of the faculty member you will add hours for.

Semester. Choose the semester by clicking on the drop down menu.

Day. Choose the day by click on the drop down menu.

Location. This is optional. You can use it to show alternate locations, like a clinic site, where you have scheduled conference hours.

Additional Info. Also optional. Put messages here, such as "During first 3 weeks of semester, only." or "3/14, 4/17, 5/18 only"

Start Time and End Time. Type in the time by typing in the hour and minutes in the following format: 9:20. It is important to include a colon between the hour and minute. Then, from the drop down menu, select AM or PM.

Screen shot showing form to add office hours.

When you are done filling in all the fields, click on the submit button. Your hours have just been added. The next screen prompts you to Add more Office Hours, to View the Office Hours Just Added, or Office Hours Menu to return back to the menu.

Screen shot showing the messages and choices after the office hours have been succesfully added.

So far we have covered adding office hours and the office hours menu. If you choose to View Office Hours Just Added, you will be able to manage all the hours. If you choose View Office Hours Just Added you can also duplicate the hours to easily and quickly create more office hours. This is especially handy to add the same times for a different day of the week. Go to the next page to see how the edit, duplicate and delete functions work.

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(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators