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Online Resources

You may add documents and Web links to your personal pages and department/division pages to provide public access to resources. When you have resources published a new link "Resources" will show up in your sidebar. Every User may publish resources to their personal site. Or Department Admins. may publish to the Division/Department site.

Add A Resource Category

In order to publish you must create at least one category. You can create multiple categories to organize the resources.

Screenshot with Online Resources button outlined in red as a new feature.

Choose Add Resource Category from the Online Resource menu.

Screenshot of Online Resource menu choices: Add Resource, View Resource, Add Category and View Category.

Enter the name of your category in the form field and submit.

Sreenshot of form to add a new category.

Choose the Add Online Resource button to create your resource now that you have a category.

Add an Online Resource

Choose your category if you have more than one, indicate where to publish, your personal site or request publication to your division or department site if you want this to be a resource for your entire group. Leave the setting at draft if you are not ready to publish the resource. Add keywords, optional, to help users search for your resources. Title is required and should be enough to give visitors to the site a good idea of what they will get with this resource. Description, author and year of the resource are optional, but can be helpful to your visitors if they have this information.

Screenshot of Add Resource form.

If you want to publish a document from your computer, use the browse button to locate your your file for upload.

If you want to publish a link to a page that exists on the World Wide Web, it is best to open another window or tab in your web browser and locate the site and copy the URL from the Address line and paste in to the link field.

Once your information is complete, click the Add Online Resource submit button.

What can I publish?

Allowable documents types are MS Word and MS Excel (DOC and XLS), PDF (less than 100kb), simple text (TXT and RFT) and a single HTML page (without images).
NOTE: If you wish to publish a PowerPoint, you will need to convert it to Outline/rtf (Save As.. Outline / Rich Text Format .rtf) or a PDF and check it for accessibility. Depending on the PowerPoint it may make a file that is too large for the web. More information on converting PowerPoint here :

Help making PDFs that are accessible to persons with disabilities (required) here:
Word to PDF Reference Card (pdf)

Make sure you have the legal rights to publish the material. Online Resources are completely public, and not limited to your class, so Fair Use will usually NOT apply to any copyrighted materials.

View your Online Resources and Edit or Delete

Choose View Online Resources from the Online Resource menu. You will see a list of all your resource records. From here you can click on the view, edit or delete links. Edit will bring you back to the same form that you completed when you added the original resource. You can edit any of the information, remove a document and change to a link to a Web page, update a link or replace a document. Be sure to click the Update Online Resource once you have made your changes.

Screenshot of Online Resource List, showing the file or web link, title, department, pubication status, author and date. From here you can edit the resource or delete it.

Where will visitors to the Web site find my Online Resources?


Your students will find resources published to your personal page by either searching for your name in the directory and following the link to your web site, or typing into the URL. A link on the right sidebar "Resources" will open the page with your categories.


Go to your Division or Department web site and find the link on the right sidebar "Resources"


(*) denotes some editing features are available only to Department Administrators


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