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Faculty and Staff Computing Access & Sign On

The campus access to many campus networked systems is accessed through a Network Username and Password established at the time of hire. Your access to systems is based on job function and your manager's authorization via a Network Access Request form. And, yes, there are plenty of systems and unique login schemes at PCC. Hopefully the following will help sort it out. You can also submit a request to the HelpDesk or call (626-585-7523) or during their regular hours for help and troubleshooting login problems.

What is my LancerCard ID?

lancercard last eight digits found on front of cardYour LancerCard ID is your key to many services at Pasadena City College.

It is required for :

  • PCC's Shatford Library
  • Transactions at Business Services, Police and Safety
  • The last 8 digits of the number on the lower front along with your password provides your login for many some online services.

What is my Network Username or Network ID?

Your Network Username is issued by Human Resources when you are hired. You should have completed an Staff Network Account Application at the time you competed all of your HR paperwork. Your Username is the same as your email account name before the @ symbol.

Your Network Username is usually your first and middle initials and your last name.

For example: John Adam Doe - his Network Username would be: jadoe
No middle name? Use "X" in place of the middle initial.

Network Username and password is required for:

  • login to online classes on Canvas
  • various administrative systems on the campus network

What is my password?

Your password protects your privacy. The password is made up of alpha numeric charachers and is used with your Network ID to provide a unique and confidential "password" to allow access to your email, faculty instructional information, online courses and other administrative systems.

How do I get a password?

You choose a password when completing the Staff Network Account Application form when hired.

How can I change my password?

If you need to change your password, you must go to Computing Services HelpDesk with your photo ID. If you believeyour password has been compromised, call the Help Desk, 626-585-7523 duuring open hours.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you must go to Computing Services, HelpDesk, D112 with a photo identification to have your password reset to a password of your choice. We will not release any information about your password over the telephone.

What is my PCC email account and how do I login?

PCC automatically creates a email account for all new employees. Your email account name was established by Human Resources on your first day of employment and the account name before the is the same as your Network ID (user name). If you did not complete the Staff NetworkAccount Application at the start of your employment, contact Human Resources. If you completed the agreement but are unsure of your account name, contact Computing Services, HelpDesk.

You will access your email either on your campus computer using Microsoft Office Outlook application, or the Web via Outlook Web Access ( or from the Staff Services page). Login to Outlook Web Access from off campus with your full email account ( and password in the pop-up dialog.

Outlook guides are found online:

If you would like to have your forwarded to a personal account, place your request with Computing Services, HelpDesk (email using your official account).

How do I login to for Instructional Information (and parking permit)?

  • Enter your LancerCard ID last 8 digits as the 8 digit ID
  • Enter your birthday as mmdd and the last 4 digits of your social security number as the 8 digit password.
  • Click submit

How do I log in to Online Courses (Canvas)?

How do I login to Portal (Web Content Management System)?

  • Enter your Network ID for "User name" What is my Network ID?
  • Enter your Portal password for "Password"
    • Your Portal password is an alpha-numeric code that you choose when you create your New Portal Account.
    • If you forgot your password, use the "Forgot Password" link on the Portal Login page. Enter your Network Username (Network ID) and you will be challenged to answer your security question and if correct, your password will be emailed to you.
  • If you have never used Portal, you must Create a New Account, by clicking the link from the Portal Login page.

How do I login to the Online Planning system?

Planning and Research creates your account and password initially. The Username is your Network Username. You will set a personal password when you first login.

How do I login to the WebCMS Curriculum Managment System?

C & I creates your login and password (x7171).

How do I login to the elumen SLO managment system?

You must contact Linda Hintzman ( , x7457) for a login and password.

How do I login to

In order to create a profile, you must have the institution account ID and join password. You can get this information from Distance Ed, x7605. You will use the institution account ID and join password to create a new instructor account. The create an account form will ask for your name, email and you will create a password (case sensitive) and choose and answer a secret question. If you forget your password, you can retrieve (click on the link under the password field in the login box) and providing the email you used to sign up and answering the secret question.

Reporting electronic abuse, electronic security or computer crime incidents

If you feel that there has been a security break, missuse of your account, stolen account indentity or potential crime involving PCC electronic systems, you should report the incident to Police and Safety