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Cost of Attendance

Use the Net Price Calculator to calculate the cost of attendance.

The Cost of Attendance (budget) chart represents the reasonable average cost estimates to attend PCC.

Standard Costs at PCC Per Semester*
Category Current Cost Future Cost
Enrollment and Tuition
(12 units at $46/unit, plus $13 Health, $1 ASB and $10 (fall 2010) Student Activity Fees )
$576 (no change)
Books and Supplies $828 (no change)
Room and Board $2,430 - $4,855 (no change)
Transportation $630 - $792 (no change)
Personal and Miscellaneous $1,890 - $1,782 (no change)
Tuition for non-California residents $200 per unit (no change)
2015-2016 9-Month Student Budget (2 semesters)*
Category At-Home Away from Home
Enrollment and Tuition $1,152 $1,152
Books and Supplies $1,656 $1,656
Transportation $1,260 $1,584
Room and Board $4,860 $9,710
Personal and Miscellaneous $3,780 $3,564
TOTAL $12,708 $17,666

* Enrollment and tuition fees are based on current fees for 12 units at $46/unit, plus $13 Health Fee, $1 ASB Fee and $10 Student Activity Fee per semester. Other costs and living expenses are based on average amounts for students attending PCC. Fees may change based on action taken by the govenor and the state legislature. Students eligible for a fee waiver are not assessed enrollment fees.

† Non-resident/out-of-state tuition fees are $200/unit, plus in-state enrollment fee $46/unit; capital outlay of $16 per unit; $13 Health Fee; $1 ASB Fee and $10 Student Activity Fee per semester.

FEES & REFUND - see schedule of classes for other specific costs to attend Pasadena City College.