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Health Science Programs – Prospective Students

Due to the number of Health Science Program Health Clearances we process at the Student Health Services, this page is dedicated to making the process for Program Clearances as smooth as possible.

Getting Started

  1. READ THE LETTER ACCOMPANYING THE CLEARANCE FORM.  It contains all the information needed to guide you through the process, including prices, appointment information and important deadlines. 
  2. Come in to the Student Health Services as soon as possible to pay for your initial appointment.  Do not delay scheduling as appointments fill up quickly.  We operate on a first-come/first-serve basis.
  3. The Student Health Services staff will be happy to help you determine the successive appointments required for your program clearance.  Again, be familiar with the number of appointments needed by reading the letter accompanying the health clearance form.  Please be sure you have an appointment for all segments of the clearance.  There are no walk-ins available for processing health clearance forms.

Key Points to Remember

  1. Clinical agencies associated with Pasadena City College require students to complete screening tests to prove they are free of and immune to specific communicable diseases. Blood tests are required to confirm immunity and/or determine the need for vaccines.
  2. Students may complete their health clearances with their own healthcare providers (physicians or nurse practitioners). If so, these providers are responsible for completing the health requirements form. The PCC Health Center staff will not complete work started by an outside provider. The only exception would be to review lab work.
  3. It is imperative that students complete all the required tests on the health clearance form. Omitting any will only delay completing the form. Secondly, know this process takes several weeks to complete due to the necessary multiple appointments.
  4. Tuberculosis screening/testing is required for all students entering health care occupations.  However, students with documented proof of a positive skin test are not required to do a skin test. These students are required to have a chest x-ray.
  5. Returning students are evaluated on an individual basis on the need to repeat lab work for re-entering the program. Generally speaking, students do not repeat the majority of the lab work.
  6. Student Health Services provides low cost vaccines that are required for the program. Some vaccines require 2 or 3 injections. Students who need both the MMR and varicella vaccines must have these administered on the same day or at least one month (28 days) apart. Any variation in this schedule will delay the health clearance completion.
  7. Students must sign the Consent for Release of Information. Be assured that your medical history is confidential and shared only when absolutely necessary and appropriate.  We follow the HIPPA guidelines.
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