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Complaints, Grievances and Student Due Process

Pasadena City College has a procedure to provide a prompt and equitable means of resolving student grievances.

These procedures are available to any student who reasonably believes a College decision or action has adversely affected his or her status, rights or privileges as a PCC student. In certain cases, student complaints may be classified as grievances and fall into one of three categories: 1) academic 2) non-academic or 3) discrimination.

Student grievance resolution information is found in the Manual for Student Conduct, Due Process, and Dispute ResolutionAcrobat PDF logo. Students may print this PDF file or obtain a copy of this manual from the Vice President of Student and Learning Services Office in Room C231. The grievance forms (fill-able on-line) are attached in the document in the above link or are linked individually at right. Academic Grievance forms and Discrimination complaints are to be submitted to the office of the VP.

Issues that are not resolved at the campus level may be presented to the State of California using the state Complaint Process. Students are encouraged to follow the Pasadena City College Complaint and Grievance process before filing a complaint with the state. Use the following site to file a complaint with the State of California:

Academic Grievances

Academic Grievances involve grade disputes. If a student files a grievance relative to a grade, he/she must prove that mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetency is the reason for the grade assignment. The student must follow the Academic Grievance process as defined in the Manual for Student Conduct, Due Process, and Dispute Resolution.

Non-Academic Grievances

Grounds for non-academic grievances include but are not limited to:

  • Any act or threat of intimidation, discrimination or harassment.
  • Any act or threat of physical aggression.
  • Arbitrary action, violation of student rights, or imposition of sanctions without proper regard to College policy as specified in the Education Code, Board Policy and/or Administrative Procedures.
  • Violation of Title IX (discrimination on the basis of sex).
  • Violation of Section 504 (discrimination on the basis of disability)

The full policy, definitions and procedures are available from the Equal Employment Opportunity Office, Room C204, (626) 585-7388. Documents and forms available on-line are as follows:

Discrimination Complaints

Students wishing to file complaints based upon discrimination on the basis of ethnic group identification, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, color, or physical or mental disability and any other category of unlawful discrimination should contact the College's Affirmative Action Officer/504 Compliance Officer/Equal Employment Opportunity Representative located in the Office of Human Resources. To file a formal written complaint of unlawful discrimination, students must use the approved form available at the Human Resource Office or at the California Community College Chancellor's Office website:

Here is the direct link to the Chancellor's Office complaint form: