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Student Responsibilities

As a student receiving services from the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS), you are responsible for the following:


1. Meet with your Teacher Specialist every semester to update your student educational contract (SEC).


2. Speak with your Teacher specialist about any changes in your condition that might impact your studies, or might pose a safety concern for yourself or others.


3. Actively work with your instructors from the beginning of the semester regarding any requests for classroom and test accommodations.


4. Request and arrange Test Accommodations at least one to two weeks before each exam.


5. Follow the recommendations contained in your SEC, and request assistance from DSPS at the first sign of any problems.


6. Display respectful and/or non-offensive behavior toward staff/students and comply with the Student Conduct and Academic Honesty Policy.


7. Responsibly use DSPS equipment and/or services.


8. You are responsible for registering, attending, and dropping classes. Please notify DSPS of any change of address, phone number, or e-mail.