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Please ask your instructor the following questions, so that we can provide the most effective testing accommodations for you. 


1.  How much time will you be giving the class     

     to take the upcoming exam/quiz?                     


2.  What kind of exam will you be giving?

     (Multiple Choice &/or True/False, &/or

       Short-Answer, &/or Essay, On-Line etc)


     In order to take your exam, will I need to use any

     slides, look at pictures, listen to music, etc?



3.  How many questions will be on the exam/

     quiz?                            and will I need a

      -scantron (which color?  red/blue/green)

      -blue book (which size?                      )

      -scantron with attached blue book

      -notebook paper

      -write directly on the exam


4.  Will you also lecture on the date of the


      If yes, what time will the lecture start and



5.  Are you allowing any aids to be used on

     the exam?   open book/open notes/dictionary/



6.  If you are giving an short-answer/essay exam

     will you count off for spelling/punctuation/

     &/or grammar errors?                                       


After you have gathered all needed information about your next exam/quiz, return to DSPS to set up test accommodations.