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Heathcare Careers - Outstanding information for those considering a career in medicine. - Wonderful career exploration resources for a wide variety of health related occupations. - A useful information and news resource.

Medical Career Information - An organized, easy to read collection of health career profiles.

Orthotics & Prosthetics - Healthcare, engineering and art come together when artificial limbs & braces are designed and fitted.

ChiroWeb - Nice information for future and current chiropractors.

Dietician Central - Jobs, discussions, information, and referrals to local professionals.

NHPCO - Information on professional roles in hospice & palliative care, directory of hospices, link to jobs.

Occupational Therapy Assn - FAQs, occupational information, career stories, education, chat, etc.

American College of Nurse-Midwives - Excellent career information and more.

Nursing School Degrees - Good information about nursing specialties and nursing education.

What Is Public Health? - Superb career information; interviews and career histories of real professionals. - Useful information about becoming a chiropractor.

Healthcare Admin Careers - Interested in Health Administration? Wanting to learn more about this industry? Check out this website for health administration career paths, a list of organizations in health care administration, and information about programs.

Online Psychology Degrees - This website provides information about different psychology specialties.

Nursing Job Source - Primarily a job site, with some career information and tips.

Environmental Health and Toxicology - A rich list of links from the U.S Dept. of Health & Human Services.

Lifeworks - Outstanding information on 100+ health/health science occupations, a "Career Finder" and much more!

AAMC - The American Association of Medical Colleges presents information about "med schools."

Journey To Success - Career pathways for biomedical scientists in pathology and laboratory medicine.

American Dental Assn. - Includes useful career information. - Career with the elderly, jobs, education, news and more.

ExploringCareersInAging - Excellent information on 101+ careers, training, articles, etc.

Massage Therapy Assn. - Career information, newsletters, schools, jobs, laws and regulations, events and more.

RehabTime - Blogs and articles on physical, occupational & speech therapy.

Dentistry2000 - A clearinghouse of information on training, journals, professional resources, etc.

How to Become a Physical Therapist - A clear, informative reference with many training programs.

Health Career Center - Comprehensive information about numerous careers in healthcare.

Best Nursing Degree - Thinking about a career in nursing? Check out this website to learn more about degree options, kinds of career paths that exist in nursing, and nursing programs.

Massage Register - Thinking about a career in massage? Check out this website to learn more about different kinds of massage, license and certification requirements, massage schools, and potential people to contact for informational interviews.