Pasadena City College, Home of the PCC Lancers

Frequently Asked Questions

Job Search

Who may use the job postings and job search services?

Currently enrolled students and alumni.

Are these job openings current?

We receive new job postings daily, and retain the listings for 30 days.

What kinds of jobs are listed?

Part time/full time, temporary/permanent, entry-level/experienced, labor, management, sales, education, government, high tech...

I've never written a resume. I'm a little nervous in interviews. What do you say in a cover letter...?

We have books, videos, computer materials and a caring, professional staff available to help you with all parts of your job search.

Are there job interviews on campus?

Some employers schedule job interviews on campus; some set up recruitment booths on the quad and schedule later interviews. Notice of these on-campus events is posted in FOCUS, our monthly bulletin. There are industry-specific career expos held throughout the year. Our really big on-campus recruitment event is the Job Fair held each spring.

May I access the job postings via the net at home?

Yes, you may access LANCERjob listings. This site is password protected. Please come in to the Center first to register and get the password. Bring your student I.D.

Additional job listings are sent to us directly by employers and are available in the center only.

Career Exploration

I've heard there are some tests I can take...?

You're probably thinking of career assessment instruments and your best bet to take these instruments is to enroll in Counseling 17. The instructor will select some assessments to give, and help students understand their results.

Career counselors and Academic counselors can also arrange for you to take the career instruments and can do individual career counseling with you. This is available on a limited basis only and cannot take place during registration-advisement times.

You cannot take these career assessment instruments on your own, because they require professional administration and interpretation. But there are some computerized assessments in the Career Center that you can take on your own: PinPoint and Sigi 3. Eureka also has a limited self-assessment.

Do I need an appointment to use the computers?

No. Computer usage is on a first-come, first-served basis. However, if people are waiting, we may ask you to limit your session. The computers are for job and career search ONLY!

May I borrow any of the materials?

Sorry, but we don't have enough materials to allow them to circulate. Check out the PCC Library. They may also have what you need, and their collection circulates.

Where can I buy my own copy of a book I've found here?

Most bookstores will order a book for you. Just make note of the title, author and publisher.

What's the difference between PinPoint, Eureka and Sigi 3?

PinPoint and Sigi 3 are computer-assisted career guidance systems which lead you through a series of questions about your skills and values, amount of education desired, etc. Based on your answers, they generate a list of job titles for further exploration. Both take a while to do. You may wish to complete them in two or more sessions. They will save your data under your own password.

Eureka is a large database which provides detailed information on job titles. It then links these job titles to training programs. It also has extensive files on scholarships, starting your own business, job search, resume writing, etc. It is an excellent source for current salary information. You may also use the program to write letters of inquiry to schools and scholarship providers.

Sigi 3 is updated yearly and Eureka is updated twice per year.