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Prerequisite Office

Room: L 103 D
(Directly across from Counseling office L-104T)


Department Hours
Mon - Thu8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.Location: L104T 
Fri8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.Location: L104T 

How Can the Prerequisite Office Help You?

Test Results

We will provide you with the results of your English, ESL, Math, and/or Chemistry assessments.  Results are available for pick-up one hour after you complete your assessment.  A photo ID is required. We maintain strict confidentiality; therefore we may only give results to the student who tested.

Prerequisite Clearance

Prerequisite clearances using credits from another college is not automatic.  Students must make the request for clearance with each specific class (possibly each term).

We will grant approval for enrollment into courses with prerequisites for students who present proof of eligibility.

  • Official or unofficial transcripts from previous colleges are accepted as proof, as long as they provide the following:
    • college/university name
    • student's name
    • course and grade (without manipulation on the transcript )
  • Obtaining a Prerequisite Clearance:
    • Preferred: Meet with an advisor at the Prerequisite Office in L building with documents as listed above (sign-in on computer).
    • Alternative: If unable to meet in person, you may submit a request online. To do so, you must submit 2 parts:
      1. Part 1: Complete the Prerequisite Clearance Request form online (enter your PCC email found in LancerPoint. You must activiate your LancerPoint to activate your PCC email).
      2. Part 2: Check your PCC email for our reply email (sent immediately).  You must then reply to our email and attach the documents listed above.  Once we recieve your documents, your request will be reviewed within 2 business days (M-F, excluding holidays). If Part 2 is not received within 2 weeks, your request will be discarded. 
    • Prerequisite clearances are only valid for:
      1. One term - if the class does not have a Math, English, Chemistry, or Language requirement (example: Psyc 2 has a Psyc 1 prereq requirement).  If you do not enroll in the class in the term requested, you must request for the prereq clearance again the following term.
      2. Permanently - if the class has a Math, English, Chemistry, or Language requirement (example: Phys 1A has a Math 5A prereq requirement)

Prerequisite course in progress or final grades not published?

  • Registering for courses before prerequisite PCC course final grade is available:
    • Please check LancerPoint to view midterm grades.
    • In LancerPoint, go to the "Classes & Academic" tab
    • Click on "View/Print My class Schedule"
    • Select appropriate term
    • Click on "Return to Menu"
    • Click on "Registration History" to lookup midterm grade
      • If the mid-term mark is passing, the student will be able to register for the next course in the sequence.
      • If the mark is sub-standard at mid-term, the student will need a letter from the instructor (on PCC letterhead) indicating that they are passing. The student then needs to go to the Prerequisite Office to have the advisor clear the student to enroll in the next course in the sequence.
      • If the mark is sub-standard at mid-term and the student wants to repeat the class the following term, please go to the Prerequisite Office to have the advisor clear you to repeat the class.  Please keep in mind that students are only eligible to attempt a class a max of 3 times (includes W's, F's, D's, NP's). 
  • Registering for courses before completing a prerequisite course at another institution:
    • Bring a signed letter from your instructor, on college letterhead with your instructor's contact information (phone # & email), indicating that you are passing the class and when the class ends.
    • The advisor will clear you to enroll in the next sequence course for only one term.

Have not completed the prerequisite requirement but feel you qualify for the classes?

  • You will need to request a Challenge through the Division.  A challenge will require documentation to support your request.  If approved, the Division will enter the prerequisite clearance (only valid for one term).  For more information, please connect with the Division


Do I Need a Counseling Appointment?

Unsure about whether you need to see a counselor?  We will answer quick questions and advise you to see a counselor if needed.

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