Pasadena City College, Home of the PCC Lancers

Specialized Programs

Ujima program
A one-year transfer program that focuses on African American/Black cultural issues.
Puente program
A one-year transfer program open to all students. The content of the Puente Project focuses on Mexican American/Latino authors and issues.
Scholars program
Offers high-achieving students strong academic preparation and curriculum planning to help them succeed in their major and achieve a B.A./B.S. degree after transfer.
Athletic Academic Zone
Assists student athletes in adjusting to life at the community college level, establishing sound study habits, and developing appropriate academic and career plans.
Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS)
Designed to enable eligible students with a verified disability (or disabilities) to participate fully in all of Pasadena City College's academic and vocational programs.
Extended Opportunity Program & Services (EOPS)
Provides educational and financial support services to eligible students who have historically experienced economic and educational disadvantages.
Designed to increase the retention and graduation rates of students who are returning to college in unsatisfactory academic standing.
A program to help eligible AFDC/TANF/Welfare recipients get off welfare and find employment.
International Students Office
Serves international students with a full range of services to foster student success, global perspectives, intercultural awareness and international goodwill.
A mentoring program designed to increase the retention rate of probationary, under-represented students and returning students.
Serves the needs of basic skills math, English, and ESL students and faculty through active, collaborative learning using innovative classroom strategies.
Assists educationally disadvantaged students attain degrees in math, engineering, and science from four-year institutions
Study Abroad
Provides international educational programs offering classes in various locations around the world.