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Public Transportation Discounts*

The Arroyo Seco Network of Time Banks in partnership with Metro Transit offers a major discount every year for unlimited use rail/bus tap cards. This discount requires your participation in the Metro Pass Group. You can begin working on a 2015 pass RIGHT NOW!

Here's how to get involved:

  1. Go to and create a personal profile (with picture).
  2. Attend a public orientation to activate your profile.
  3. Begin attending events, interact with fellow time bankers, and meet the person in charge of the Metro group pass, check out the Metro Pass Group on-line to learn more about it, get familiar with the whole website, and join the Metro Pass Google group for easier access to any updates.
  4. Make at least ten exchanges until September 30th, 2014 with at least three different people... BE CREATIVE!
  5. Pay the amount due (it was only $144 for all of 2014).
  6. You will receive an e-mail when the passes are ready to pick up.  


* This announcement is intended for informational purposes; the program is not affiliated with Pasadena City College or PCC's Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid.