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Student Health Services

Emergency Response

The Campus Police are the first responders to campus emergencies outside the health center. They will determine if the paramedics are called or if the person is transported to the health center for further evaluation and care.

For a campus emergency, use a campus phone and dial 911.  Campus Police will respond immediately.

If you are unable to get to a campus phone, from your cell phone you can dial Campus Police at 626-585-7484. If you use a campus public phone to dial 911, you will be routed through the Pasadena Police Department who will assist you in getting the Campus Police to respond.

Avoid dialing 911 from a cell phone because that system calls the California Highway Patrol, which must relay several messages and this delays the response time to you considerably.

The Student Health Center staff will provide first aid and emergency care to students and employees. If the medical condition warrants, the local paramedics will be called for treatment and transport to emergency services.

Students and employees who have insurance will discuss payment for paramedic response with their insurance carriers. Depending on the nature of the illness or injury, uninsured students and employees will work out the payments with the billing agency for paramedic response.