Course Syllabus




Course Title:      ENGLISH 403, Reading and Writing,

                              1 Unit, Credit/No Credit


Instructor:         John C. Wood

                             Room D-300A

                             (626) 585-7751




Orientation:  All students enrolled in this class must attend an orientation during the first two weeks of the semester.  Orientation times for this semester will be:


What If You Enroll Late and/or Cannot Attend One of the Orientations?:

You must contact the instructor as soon as possible to establish your enrollment in the class, receive course materials, and be assigned a Skills Bank User ID.



Meeting Time:  Students do not need to meet at any specific time for this class.  You will need to set up your own schedule to make sure that you have enough time to work through the computerized lessons that will teach you English skills.  There are two orientation times that have been scheduled so that you can learn what this class is all about.



IMPORTANT:  Students are strongly encouraged to begin working on your lessons at the earliest possible date, and to maintain a regular study schedule as the weeks progress.  This will enhance your learning and improve your chances for successful course completion.



Meeting Place:  All lessons and tests for this course are available only on student computers in the Learning Assistance Center (LAC).  Students can access any of the computers in rooms D300, D101, D104, or D105 to complete the assignments.


IMPORTANT:  If all of the student computers are in use when you attend the LAC to do your English 403 work, please notify a member of the staff.  We will do our best to make a computer available for your use.




Course Materials:

Notebook and writing utensils to record scores and progress

Student Computer Network ID and PIN, and Skills Bank User ID

* There is no textbook for this course.


Grading:  Credit/no credit grading is applied to this one unit course.  No letter grades will be issued.  There are two ways to earn one unit of credit in English 403: 1) Complete all lessons and tests that the computer presents to you in the areas of Reading Compre­hension, Vocabulary Building, Word Knowledge, Capitalization, Grammar and Usage, Punctuation, Spelling, Language Mechanics, Language Usage, Sentence Structure, and Paragraphs with an average score of 75% or better;  2) Complete 50 hours of study on the comput­erized lessons. 


There will be no (I) Incomplete grades issued for this course.


Students who have not made adequate progress at midterm will be automatically dropped from the class. 


Final Exam:   There will be no final exam for this course.  You will be able to access the computer lessons to complete your assignments throughout most of the final exam period.