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Outstanding Student Employee Award

On a regular basis, we select a student assistant to honor for his or her outstanding service to the Learning Assistance Center. We call this the "Above and Beyond" award because it was created to recognize student employees who exceed job requirements to offer excellent service to our diverse student population.

November 2014, Irving Morales

photo of Irving Morales

 Irving Geheber Morales has been working in the Computer Learning Center since spring of 2013. He is a great team player who immediately integrated himself with the other staff members that operate the labs. 

In a typical work day at the CLC, Irving checks students into and out of the lab, assists them at the work stations, and troubleshoots hardware and software problems. While working as a student employee at the Computer Learning Center, Mr. Morales has also  distinguished himself on campus by becoming Vice President for Cultural Diversity of the student body.  In this role, he makes sure every cultural club on campus is heard and their events are effectively publicized so that our students can learn from other ethnic groups and cultures.

His major is International Business, and though his dream school is Cal State Long Beach, and he is also considering applying to Cal Poly Pomona and Cal State San Diego.

In his free time, Irving enjoys hiking, swimming, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, volunteering, running marathons, and helping people to stay in school and keep up with their classes to obtain a better future.

 He has more than lived up to the high expectations of our department by demonstrating the characteristics of an excellent employee as well as a high achieving and tenacious student, all the while maintaining an exemplary rapport with and support of the students, staff, and faculty that utilize the CLC. These types of qualities have earned him our Outstanding Student Employee Award for November 2014.

The Computer Learning Center and the Learning Assistance Center are proud to honor Irving Morales for his valued contribution to the CLC and the students of Pasadena City College.

Congratulations, Irving!


Past Award Recipients

Summer 2014, Angela Carmody

photo of Angela Carmody

Spring 2014, Ashish Hingle

photo of Ashish Hingle

April 2014, Leslie Carpio

photo of Lesli Carpio

December 2013, Imelda Esmaeili

photo of Imelda Esmaeilihas

Fall 2013, Edwin Liao

photo of Edwin Liao

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photo of Shenesha Franklin

April 2013, Nikolas Sanchez-Wong

photo of Nikoas Sanchez-Wong

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photo of Srbuhi Poghosyan