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Outstanding Student Employee Award

On a regular basis, we select a student assistant to honor for his or her outstanding service to the Learning Assistance Center. We call this the "Above and Beyond" award because it was created to recognize student employees who exceed job requirements to offer excellent service to our diverse student population.

January 2015, Tonisha Robinson

photo of Tonisha Robinson

January 2015, Tonisha Robinson

Tonisha Robinson has worked for the Learning Assistance Center since June of 2012.  During this time, she has distinguished herself as an outstanding student employee who goes “above and beyond” what is required to provide effective service to our diverse student clientele.

Tonisha is a reliable, friendly, knowledgeable, and cooperative assistant who is very attentive to student needs.  She is flexible with her work schedule, helping to open the center in the morning and always arriving on time.  Toni has excellent rapport with her coworkers and assists in training new student workers.  She is courteous, patient, and considerate with students who require extra help and caring support.

In her free time, Toni likes to spend time with her niece and nephew, watch movies, and volunteer in a local hospital in the arena of infant care.

Ms. Robinson is a nursing student, and she hopes to transfer to either Cal State L.A. or Cal State San Marcos to complete her degree.  In the future, Toni wants to become a labor and delivery nurse.

The Learning Assistance Center is proud to honor Ms. Robinson for her valued contribution to the LAC and the students of Pasadena City College.

Congratulations, Toni!


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