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Outstanding Student Employee Award

On a regular basis, we select a student assistant to honor for his or her outstanding service to the Learning Assistance Center. We call this the "Above and Beyond" award because it was created to recognize student employees who exceed job requirements to offer excellent service to our diverse student population.

Suzan Kwidja, Spring 2016 (2)

photo of Suzan Kwidja

Suzan Kwidja has worked as a French tutor in the Learning Assistance Center since the fall of 2014.  During this time, she has distinguished herself as an excellent student employee.

A native speaker of French from Cameroon, Ms. Kwidja exudes enthusiasm, kindness, and patience in the way she tutors. She has expressed how she genuinely loves human interaction and always looks forward to being of help to people in any way that she can; tutoring with LAC has given her the opportunity to satisfy this desire. From pronunciation practice to explaining vocabulary and grammar concepts, Suzan has enjoyed every single aspect of each exchange that she has had with her students.  In this process, she has become more aware of the multiple layers involved in learning, and the experience has nurtured her love for teaching.

Suzan will be applying to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona as a chemical engineer major this coming fall, and spring 2017 will be her last semester working as a French tutor at PCC.  Ms. Kwidja wishes to say she is thankful for the relationships that she has come to build throughout her employment with the LAC.

In her free time, she volunteers at her church with the care ministry, which entails bringing flowers to members who are sick or in need of prayer.  She also enjoys hiking and listening to music.

The Learning Assistance Center is proud to honor Suzan Kwidja with our Outstanding Student Employee Award.  The staff wishes to thank her for her highly valued service to the Center and to the students of Pasadena City College.

Congratulations, Suzan!


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