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Study Skills DVDs and Videos


Becoming a Master Student

  • Stress Management (9:35)

Making "A"s in College:

  • Introduction and Overcoming Procrastination (4:40)
  • How to Get Organized (13:50)
  • Building Concentration (25:00)

On Becoming a Master Student, Tape 2 - Be Here Now: Power Process (20:00)

  • emphasizes awareness of the present moment and full involvement in what is happening

Roundtable Discussions:

  • Memory and Test Taking Strategies (8+9 minutes = 17:00 total)
  • Note Taking and Reading Strategies (8+8 minutes = 16:00 total)

This Way to an "A" (30:00)

  • study tips including using cram cards, mapping, outlining, recognizing individual learning style and best times to study, reading techniques and SQ3R.

Where There's a Will, There's an "A"

  • Tape 1:
    • Part 1 (60:00)
      • tips on choosing courses, professors
      • variety of study techniques
      • ways to memorize information
    • Part 2 (48:00)
      • read text early
      • ways to avoid burnout
      • read actively with pen in hand
      • persistenceand attendance
      • do all extra-credit work
  • Tape 2: (64:00)
    • registration tips
    • memorize by linking/relating items
    • scholarships and jobs
    • post cards, phone calls to instructors
    • best study time
    • build your own library
    • use your imagination

Your College Experience: Keys to Success (57:00)

An interesting presentation of a variety of study skills, this video includes shortsegments on the following: setting goals, time management, learning styles, listening and note taking, reading textbooks, test anxiety, the teacher-student relationship, use of the library, finding answers in the school library and from advisors, interpersonal communication skills, and making healthy decisions.


Effective Listening Skills (42:00)

A video which motivates students to listen and provides tips. At the end, there is a quite challenging listening quiz for students to practice what they have learned.

Answers are given after the quiz.

Effective Study Strategies: Note taking (30:00)

ARC (Academic Resource Corporation) - This video presents the Cornell system of note taking and instructs students to look for different types of statements made in lectures (consensus, issue, and absolute). It encourages students to read personality signals from their professors to determine what information is most valuable, and demonstrates mapping techniques in note taking.

Making "A"s in College

  • How to Take Great Notes in Class (45:35)

Making the Grade: 3 Lectures for Note taking (58:10)

This video provides material for note taking practice, but doesn't actually teach note taking skills.

  1. Early History of American Education (20:00)
  2. Secondary Growth in Plants (19:40)
  3. Discussion of Anthony and Cleopatra, Act I, Scene I (18:30)

Study Skills: How to Listen Effectively (14:00)

  • what to listen for - how to concentrate and screen out distractions

Study Skills: How to Take Notes (16:00)

  • page preparation
  • identifying important information
  • listening for clue words, phrases


Becoming a Master Student

  • Test Taking Strategies (12:45)

How to Prepare for and Take an Exam (24:45)

  • study tips
  • test taking tips

Making "A"s in College

  • Essay Tests (47:30)
  • Multiple Choice Tests (28:30)
  • Test Anxiety (56:25)

Study Skills: How to Take Essay Tests (15:00)

  • study and preparation
  • comprehending and prioritizing test questions
  • reviewing answers before handing in tests

This is a Test: This is Only a Test (31:50)

  • how to combat test anxiety

Where There's a Will, There's an "A"

  • Tape 1, Part 3 - test taking tips (31:10)


Making 'A's in College

  • How Memory Works ... and Why We Forget (31:45)
  • The Best Way to Study (21:15) and How to Build a Powerful Memory (23:45)

Memory: How to Improve It for Students to Get Top Grades

  • The Bornstein Method (55:00)


Becoming a Master Student

  • Time Management (11:30)

Making 'A's in College (18:50)

  • mastering your time

Study Skills: How to Manage Your Time (13:00)

  • scheduling and prioritizing

Teaching a Study Skills System that Works! Time Management (22:00)

  • effective scheduling techniques


Effective Study Strategies: Pre-Reading and SQ3R (18:00)

  • ARC (Academic Resource Corporation)

Making "A"s in College

  • How to Use the PART Reading System (1:45)

Study Skills: How to Read a Textbook (18:00)

  • How to improve retention
  • SQ3R: survey, question, read, recite, review