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Instructional DVDs


Reserve Collection

Instructors may leave DVDs on reserve for their students to view. Please give specific information when requesting these: course, instructor, and exact title.

DVD Lecture Series (Telecourse DVDs)

Astronomy 12: Astronomy: Observations & Theories
Business 2: Dollars and $ense

Business 10:  Taking the Lead                                                                     
Health Ed 44
: The Human Condition
History 7A: The Unfinished Nation, Part I
History 7B: The Unfinished Nation, Part II
Political Science 1: Framework for Democracy
Psychology 1: Inside Out
Psychology 21: Child Development: Stepping Stones
Psychology 24:  Transitions Throughout the Life Span
Sociology 1
: The Way We Live


Other Subjects


  • Attitude (Levels 1-5)
  • Perfect English Pronunication
    • How to Pronounce Consonants
    • How to Pronounce, Vowels, Dipthongs, and Word Endings
  • Breaking the Accent Barrier

Math (various levels available on DVD or video CD)

Study Skills

Theatre Arts 7A/B films

Tutor Training


  • A Tutor's Workshop: Students with Learning Disabilities


  • Tutor Training (TutorLInk)
    1. The Tutor's Role
    2. Initial Tutoring Session
    3. The Tutoring Session
    4. Positive Reinforcement
    5. Questioning Skills
    6. Listening Skills
    7. The Student's Ideas
  • Common Miracles (45 min.)


  • A Look at Productive Tutoring Techniques (North Carolina University - Millenium Edition)
  1. The Tutor's Role (10:55)
  2. Positive Reinforcement (8:28)
  3. Listening Skills (11:07)
  4. The Student's Ideas (13:24)
  5. Importance of Student Verbalization (15:11)
  6. Questioning Skills (13:22)
  7. Helping the Student Become an Independent Learner (17:44)
  8. Direct Techniques (15:06)


  • A Look at Productive Tutoring Techniques (North Carolina University - Millenium Edition)
  1. Introduction to Group Learning Sessions and Group Session Leadership (16:39)
  2. Group Session Leader Strategies and Skills (33:28)
  3. Using GSL Skills in Example Sessions (21:15)
  4. Group Learning Session Critique (33:13)

Writing Skills

  • English Composition: Writing for an Audience (series)


  • Perfect Composition