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Student Computing Accounts, Access & Sign On

Identity and Account Info

What is my LancerCard ID?

lancercard last eight digits found on front of cardYour LancerCard ID is your key to services at Pasadena City College.

  • The last 8 digits of the number on the lower front along with your password (PIN) provides your login for many network and online services.

It is required for

  • book buy-back and purchasing with checks at the PCC Bookstore,
  • use of computer centers and labs,
  • the Learning Assistance Center,
  • math and music labs,
  • physical fitness facilities,
  • PCC's Shatford Library
  • transactions at Student Business Services, Financial Aid, Fiscal Services

What is my Network ID?

Your Network ID can be found on your Enrollment Fee Receipt after registering. You can view your Enrollment Fee Receipt at LancerLink Online. Login to LancerLink --Other Online Services-- with your 8 digit LancerCard ID number and choose "Print Enrollment Fee Receipt."

Your Network ID is the initials of your first, middle and last name and the last four digits of your LancerCard ID.

For example, if John Adam Doe has a Lancer ID# of 12345678, his Network ID User Name would be: JAD5678
No middle name? "X" is used in place of the middle initial.

Your Network password is your PIN.

Network ID is required for:

  • login to online classes on Canvas
  • login to computers in computer centers and labs
  • login to access Library online databases from off-campus, i.e. Proquest

What is my PIN?

Your PIN protects your privacy. It is a four-digit code used in combination with your LancerCard ID or Network ID to provide a unique and confidential "password" to allow access to your student information at LancerLink Online, the Student Network, online courses.

How do I get a PIN?

All students initially have a default PIN. Your default PIN is the month and day of your birth date, mmdd.

For example: your birth date is May 4,1981, then your default PIN is 0504.

When you first login to LancerLink Web registration, you will be required to create a personal PIN, a four-digit number of your choice. Make sure to write it down, then commit to memory and keep it private! If you registered in person, or have not yet used online Web registration, and want to login to your online course or use a computer in a student computer lab, go to LancerLink first and log in with your LancerCard ID and the default PIN. You will be prompted to create your PIN once you log in successfully with the default PIN.

If you do not know your PIN, the default does not work, or you do not remember your PIN, please go to the Records Office (L113) in the Student Services building to verify your identity and receive a PIN.

How can I change my PIN?

If you need to change your PIN, especially if you believe it has been compromised, go to the Office of Admission and Records in L 103 with a photo identification to have your PIN reset to the default PIN (birth date month and day, mmdd). Once reset, login to LancerLink and when prompted change the default PIN to a different number of your choice.

What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, you must go to the Office of Admission and Records with a photo identification to have your PIN reset to the default PIN (birth date month and day, mmdd). We will not release any information about your PIN over the telephone. Once reset, the next time you login to LancerLink, you must change the default PIN to a different number of your choice.

What is my PCC email account?

PCC currently does not provide a email account for students. Students are encouraged to obtain a personal email account from one of the many free email account providers such as Google Gmail, Yahoo or Windows Live Hotmail. To make sure you do not miss any official PCC communications, please keep your current and preferred email account updated in LancerLink

Log In and Access Steps

How do I access and sign in to computer lab stations?

How do I log in to Online Courses (Canvas)?

A link to online courses (Canvas) is found on the home page in student quicklinks.

How do I login to (plagiarism checking)

Reporting electronic abuse, electronic security or computer crime incidents

If you feel that there has been a security break, missuse of your account, stolen account indentity or potential crime involving PCC electronic systems, you should report the incident to Police and Safety