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Upward Bound Overview


What is Upward Bound?

UPWARD BOUND is a pre-college program funded by the U.S.Department of Education.It is designed to encourage students from low income families and whose parents did not graduate from a four-year college to develop the skills and motivation necessary for success in college and beyond.

How can UPWARD BOUND help me?

UPWARD BOUND gives the students a chance to find out what college life is all about and helps the student develop the skills necessary to succeed in high school, and ultimately, in college.The program emphasizes reading, writing, and math skills.There may be additional courses during the summer in the arts and foreign languages.

What would I do in Upward Bound?

UPWARD BOUND students usually begin the program during the 9th or 10th grade and participate through high school graduation and acceptance into college.The student’s job as an UPWARD BOUNDer is to maintain regular attendance in school, attend weekly tutoring sessions, meet with the UPWARD BOUND Educational Advisor and attend a specific number of Saturday Sessions during the academic year.

In the summer, participants will attend a six-week summer session at PCC and other college or university campuses and take part in a variety of academic, social, career, and enrichment activities.

The students’ parents/guardians are also expected to participate by helping their child follow through in program activities. Parents are also required to attend orientation meetings and workshops during each semester and summer.

How are students chosen?

UPWARD BOUND students are selected based on the recommendations of teachers, counselors, and social service agencies and through an interview conducted by the program staff. UPWARD BOUND seeks to help students with academic potential and who have the desire to attend college after high school graduation and meet the academic and income qualifications.

What happens after Upward Bound?

While UPWARD BOUND generally stops at the college door,project staff help your entry as an UPWARD BOUND student into college life.They work with college admissions officers,financial aid personnel,and others to provide individualized services in order to assist your successful transfer to college and, eventually, into your career.

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