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Math/Science Upward Bound Overview


What is Math/Science Upward Bound?

MATH/SCIENCE UPWARD BOUND is a pre-college program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. It is designed to encourage scholars, from low-income families and/or whose parents did not graduate from a four-year college, to develop the skills and motivation necessary for success in college and beyond.

How are students chosen?

MATH/SCIENCE UPWARD BOUND scholars will be selected on the basis of recommendations by teachers, counselors, social service agencies, others acquainted with the scholars’ goals and abilities, and through an interview conducted by the project staff. Scholars must have a desire to attend college after high school graduation, and meet academic and income qualifications.   They must also make a commitment to attend academic year workshops in the evenings and on Saturdays as well as attend a six-week summer session at Pasadena City College each year of their high school career. The goal of the program is for scholars to graduate from a post-secondary institution in the STEM area.

What would I do in Math/Science Upward Bound?

MATH/SCIENCE UPWARD BOUND scholars usually begin the program during the 9th or 10th grade. Scholars continue to participate through high school graduation and acceptance into college. The scholars’ job within M/S UPWARD BOUND is to maintain regular attendance in school and attend weekly tutorial sessions.A scholar must also meet with the M/S UPWARD BOUND Education Advisor and attend a specific number of Saturday programs. In the summer, scholars will attend a four-week summer session on the PCC campus and a two-week session off-campus which includes a field experience and college tour. The on-campus classes involve a variety of academic, social, career, and math and science enrichment activities. Parents are required to attend orientation meetings and workshops each semester and summer. The parent workshops are designed to be fun and informative.

M/S UPWARD BOUND at PCC will enrich the background of participating scholars and their parents by emphasizing math and science enterprises.

The scholars will:

  • Develop confidence to interact with math/science professionals.
  • Go on field trips.
  • Participate in hands-on math and science activities.
  • Learn test-taking skills and prepare for the SAT.
  • Participate in team /group and individual projects.

What happens after Math/Science Upward Bound?

While M/S UPWARD BOUND generally stops at the college door, project staff helps scholars transition from M/S UPWARD BOUND into college. The staff works with college admissions officers, financial aid personnel, and provides individualized services to help scholars with successful transfer to college and, eventually, into their careers.